We choose, act and fulfill our Mission in accordance with our Guiding Principles:

1.Provide clients thoughtful and valuable knowledge in areas related to mobile emissions.

2.Complete projects and deliver services and information in a timely and professional manner by drawing upon our broad technical expertise, policy insight, market intelligence and other integral strengths and talents.

3.Act ethically, honestly and with the highest integrity.

4.Preserve and protect client confidential information in accordance with written [and verbal – delete – not enforceable] agreements [and in excess of our clients’ expectations – delete] and consistent with recognized standards of ethical business conduct.

5.Through our business and personal actions, contribute positively to our communities and make lasting beneficial differences for the global environment and community.  [and all life-delete.]

6.Maintain a[fun-delete] healthy and productive work environment that treats people with respect and dignity; a corporate environment that promotes collaboration, encourages and rewards superior team performance and company success.

7.Attract, hire and maintain teams of [very-delete] intelligent, highly skilled, productive, successful and positive people who support and act in accordance with our Mission and Guiding Principles.

8.Profitably grow and continuously improve in ways that further our individual and collective successes, health and prosperity.

9.Develop lasting client relationships with those who honor our principles and recognize and appreciate the value of our products and services.

10.Provide comprehensive leadership and guidance for the global transportation industry.

Guiding Principles